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Bridal Makeup

Which look will you pick on your special day?

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls. Alex knows the importance of this special day, and she understands that each bride deserves to look and feel amazing. She is always delighted to be asked to be part of a wedding day! Check out the information below and book your make-up with ALX.

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When should I book?

Work with the best in the business

It is advised to book your wedding at least 1-2 years in advice. Really as soon as you have your wedding date picked, you should get in contact with ALX Make-Up. This is especially true for weekends, bank holidays and the peak wedding season. Alex hates turning brides away due to availability, but it happens on a regular basis. Don't delay, get in touch now!

How to book?

A touch of something special to make you stand out

Get in contact with the date, location and the number of people who will be having their makeup done. Alex will come back to you with her availability and she will be able to give you a personalised quote from the details you have supplied. If you are happy to go ahead, you will need to complete the booking form which will be attached to the quote and also forward the £100 booking fee. 
Once both of these have been received, Alex will send confirmation that you are booked.

Why choose ALX Make-Up?

Radiate your natural beauty with a look that enhances your best features.

By choosing Alex, you will be working with a professional who actually listens to you so that you feel like an enhanced version of yourself on your wedding day!
In order to achieve this, she will have a detailed consultation and trial with you working through each stage until you are happy and comfortable with the look.
Not only will you receive Alex's fabulous service when you book but you will also receive discount codes for money off in three of Northern Ireland's best bridal boutiques so you can get your dream dress!
On the day of the wedding, Alex will work with your hairstylist to get the timings perfect and even assist you in the last minute preparations before you leave to marry your love. 
If you are ready to be a dazzling bride, I’m ready to work with you. Get in touch today and let's chat!

Flawless Make-Up For The Bride
And Her Party

Award-Winning Wedding Make-Up Artist

Brides should have flawless makeup, feel more beautiful than ever before and feel comfortable but super special on their wedding day.
By using top quality products such as Dior, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder and Nars etc, alongside specialist techniques, Alex provides an award-winning service with a smile. You can be assured of good fun and lots of laughter on your wedding morning with your bridesmaids.

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